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Books are primarily located in the two cabinets at the front of the room, near the door. They are roughly grouped by grade level and color-coded with stickers on the spines of the books. We have books for all ages, from preschool to adult, including board books, bilingual books, comics, music books, fiction and nonfiction. Each book has a checkout card in a pocket in the front or back of the book. You may check out up to 6 books at a time for a period of up to 3 weeks.



Videos and DVDs are located in two cabinets at the back of the room, near the window. Videos and DVDs are grouped by target age and type of film — Disney movies, other cartoon movies, movies for older teens or adults, German classics and more. We also have movies in different formats — DVDs that play on American DVD players, Region 2 DVDs that must be played on European/international players because they are in PAL format. Plus we still have a few videos that play on American VCRs. Each film has a checkout card inside the case or on the back of the case. You may check out up to 3 films at a time for a period of up to 3 weeks.

Check Out


To check out library materials, please fill out the checkout card completely with date, first & last name and phone number (including area code). Then put cards for books in the front of the plastic checkout box in the 2nd book cabinet. Checkout cards for videos and DVDs go into the black checkout box on the top shelf of the main film cabinet. You can also give checkout cards to the Library Manager.


To return materials, either put them into the plastic return box in the hallway or give returned materials to the Library Manager so that they may be checked off and re-filed in the cabinet.


Please return your materials on time so that other families can enjoy our collection as well!

GLS Sabina Wagner Library

The GLS Sabina Wagner Library offers an abundance of German books and videos for our families. The library is open on Saturdays during school hours. Materials are located in cabinets in the supply/copy room on the 4th floor of Villa Academy. 

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