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At the GLS, we prepare our advanced students to take competitive German language exams in the event that they wish to study in a German-speaking country. We have been offering German language exams from the Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen and the American Association of Teachers of German for many years.

Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD)

The Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) by the German Government’s Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA) is a globally administered exam for advanced students who intend to study in Germany.


The DSD exam is offered at two levels:


  1. DSD I for students ages 14-16 years: DSD I is required for admission to Studienkollegs (1-year college preparatory institutions) in Germany.

  2. DSD II for students 16-20 years: DSD II serves as proof of German language proficiency required for admission to a German university. Students still need to satisfy the academic requirements for admission to a German university.


DSD preparation focuses on developing the four core skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) that will be tested in both DSD exams. It also includes grammar and vocabulary review, practice exams, as well as study with printed, audio-visual, and online materials.


Students who successfully pass these rigorous exams will have distinct rewards through enhanced higher education options abroad.

National German Exam (NGE)

The National German Exam (NGE) by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) is a nationally administered exam for high school students of German.


The exam measures the performance of students based on what they have learned in German classrooms. It targets levels of proficiency that high school students can generally achieve at four different levels in listening and reading:


  1. Level 1 exam in the novice low to mid proficiency range 

  2. Level 2 exam in the novice mid proficiency range

  3. Level 3 exam in the novice high to intermediate low proficiency range

  4. Level 4 exam in the intermediate low to mid proficiency range


NGE preparation focuses on developing skills and strategies to identify the main idea, find supporting details, project beyond the text, identify the intended audience, and comprehend focused vocabulary. Practice exams with a variety of printed, audio, and video materials reflect the exam’s structure and approach.


NGE results provide a means of comparing high school students of German in all regions of the country. The exam offers individual diagnostic feedback, rewards students through an extensive regional and national prize program, and creates a sense of accomplishment.

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