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The GLS honors and celebrates many cultural events from German-speaking countries throughout the school year. Please find a description of our cultural events here.

Erster Schultag

The first day of school begins with an all-school gathering in the Rainbow Theater at the Villa Academy. This is an opportunity to register for classes, mingle with each other, and enjoy refreshments. The Board President and GLS Principal welcome all families to the new school year. Teachers introduce themselves and take their students to their respective classrooms. It is a tradition that 1st grade students receive cones filled with treats (Schultüten).


The GLS offers a lantern walk on the Saturday closest to November 11 (Martinstag). On that day, students read the story of St. Martin, practice traditional songs, and make colorful lanterns. Later, all classes join for a lantern walk through the school building where they sing lantern songs, watch the legend of St. Martin be performed, and share a delicious sweet treat (Weckmann) with each other.


This annual highlight among GLS cultural events has delighted our families for many years. Families gather in the Rainbow Theater at the Villa Academy where they are joined by a special guest (Nikolaus) who leads through a rich program of student performances and holiday songs with piano accompaniment. Afterwards families participate in a silent auction and a gingerbread house raffle while also enjoying a potluck-style lunch together.


For Karneval, GLS students look forward to coming to school dressed up in a favorite costume. During class time, they learn about the traditions of Karneval and generally have a lot of fun with interactive songs and games. Later, all classes gather for an all-school celebration that includes singing, dancing, and eating a donut (Berliner).


The GLS library receives many book donations from individuals and organizations. Each year, the school holds a book sale where families can purchase German children and adult books and movies. This event is accompanied by a bake sale of delicious cookies and cakes from German-speaking countries. 


The GLS school year concludes with a family potluck picnic and barbecue at a beautiful location in Magnusson Park right on Lake Washington. The program comprises: games and activities offered by the teachers; a rich buffet of appetizers, salads, sausages, and desserts; and a recognition of teachers and volunteers.

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